Indoor Activities For Your Dog

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Winter is here and no one wants to go outside for any extended period of time--”including your dog. But it's important for them to still do activities during the day. Take a look at these three activities and try them out!


1. Work on training.

You're not going outside so this is a great time of year to perfect those indoor manners. Two sites you can try for tips and training areDr. Sophia Yin and Your Pit Bull and You.

 2. Make feeding time a challenge.

Try hiding their food somewhere in the house and make your dog search for it. Tip: you can leave a trail of food for them to make it easier! You can also use toys such as the Kong Wobbler.

3. Play ball in the hall.

Your pup still needs a bit of exercise. Gently toss a ball down a hallway and let your dog stretch his or her legs a bit. You can also use a treadmill if you have one to create a good exercise program.

Want more ideas? Go to Lola the Pitty to see more!