Humane League of Lancaster County: Pit Bill Workshops

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Whether you are a sea­soned or novice owner, think­ing about adopt­ing a pit bull, or just want to learn more about the bully breeds, this lec­ture series is for you! Pit bulls have a rep­u­ta­tion for being aggres­sive, unpre­dictable, and dif­fi­cult to man­age, mostly due to a gross mis­con­cep­tion about the breeds’ unique per­son­al­ity traits and behav­ioral and social­iza­tion needs.

Part 1 “Bully for You: Inside the World of Pit Bulls” (Sept. 1) of this series will offer par­tic­i­pants an intro­duc­tion to the bully breeds, includ­ing breed his­tory, traits and char­ac­ter­is­tics, and an in-depth dis­cus­sion of the most com­mon myths related to pit bulls.

Part 2 “Responsi-bull: Cre­at­ing Breed Ambas­sadors” (Sept. 15) of the series will focus on behav­ior man­age­ment and com­monly expe­ri­enced owner issues, such as dog aggres­sion and stigma.

Part 3 “Breed Spe­cific Leg­is­la­tion: What You Need to Know” (Sept. 29) of the series will focus on the con­cept of Breed Spe­cific Leg­is­la­tion (BSL) and its impact on owners.

The series will include inter­ac­tive dis­cus­sion and hands-on activ­i­ties, as well as time to address spe­cific par­tic­i­pant questions.

The ses­sions will be held in the con­fer­ence room of the Dog Adop­tion Cen­ter at the Humane League of Lan­caster County 2195 Lin­coln High­way East, Lan­caster Pa 17602.

Each ses­sion is an hour, 3-4pm. We encour­age par­tic­i­pants to attend all three ses­sions, because infor­ma­tion will be intro­duced and built upon from ses­sion to session.

There is room for 15 peo­ple per ses­sion, so please email: to reserve your space!

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